• Hey there Vanu Sovereignty soldiers!
  • Do you enjoy capping bases with 70% overpop?
  • Do you enjoy playing the overpop with maxes and other spam?
  • Do you ignore your platoon lead and do your own thing?

If so then we may not be the outfit for you.

However, if you are a long term veteran or a brand new player who just finished downloading the game and you want to play in an outfit that straddles the line between organized and disciplined on ops nights (ops start Wednesday and Saturday nights at 7pm PST and normally end around 9pm PST), while being relaxed and casual during the week, follows orders, plays the underpop whenever possible, and caters to a variety of play styles we may be the outfit for you! The requirements are pretty simple:

  1. Do not be a douchebag!
  2. Follow the waypoints and listen to your squad/platoon lead.
  3. Hop in teamspeak.
  4. Recruits are required to take a basic training (normally held by LividThoughts or YonV) to make sure you’re up to speed on our terminology and you may learn a few new tips and tricks that can help you on the front lines!

If you want to join, the best route to take is by either asking a command member in game or by hopping in our teamspeak (ts.purplesmoke.info) and ask anyone with a star next to their name for an invite and permissions.

See you out there!

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